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Methadone Detox


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Methadone Detox

Heroin addiction is costly in terms of both money and the damage to individual health. A number of treatment strategies are available, but success is variable and relapse rates are typically high. Methadone is often used for treatment, but the patient must remain on methadone – and many people don’t realize that methadone also has addiction potential. NP1K therapy is a better choice and can also be used for methadone detox when the patient is addicted to that medication. TCOYL’s philosophy is simple treat an addiction with a non addictive process. Treating addiction with suboxone or methadone is like taking an alcoholic from vodka to whiskey.

Addiction occurs because the brain has specific cells that are designed to bind with natural chemicals in the brain. These receptor cells also bind with substances like heroin and morphine, as well as with methadone and suboxone. NP1K treatment and ADF is a way to quickly go through withdrawal.

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Every 8 minutes and 15 seconds, someone dies of opioid overdose

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That is 8 Deaths Every Hour of Every Day.

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